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See PivotPrime & Concur in Action!
Allocate Billable Project Expenses in Concur | Create Client Billing in PivotPrime

Join us for a short demonstration on how the Concur and PivotPrime applications work together to manage spend in the Cloud as it relates to client expense bill back.

PivotPrime works with both Concur Expense and Concur Invoice to produce statements for billable items. Concur expense reports can have any combination of expenses types. Billable to one project; billable to many projects; non-billable; personal. PivotPrime scans all the expenses and builds the statements automatically. The same goes for customers who bill back expenses purchased using Concur Invoice. Tag the line item to a billable customer, project, or job; itemize how much is billed; submit for approval.


Private Demonstrations

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