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Get SAP Concur and QuickBooks Talking ... Directly

Integrate QuickBooks with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice Every Time!

PivotNexus QuickBooks Connector

The PivotNexus QuickBooks connector ensures every customer can directly integrate their Concur Expense and Concur Invoice data with any QuickBooks application.

PivotNexus connects with QuickBooks Online as well as QuickBooks Desktop for local, hosted, and remote server installations.

PivotNexus is a bi-directional connector between QuickBooks and SAP Concur and can support an unlimited number of Company Files.

Take a look at the PivotNexus capabilities below!


Support For
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Desktop & Enterprise
QuickBooks Canada
Multiple Company Files

SAP Concur
Concur Universal/Standard
Concur Enhanced/Professional
Concur Expense* & Concur Invoice

*Credit Card Reconciliation Option
Automatically compares purchases on statements to expense reports, notifies employees with outstanding card purchases, and creates accounting entries and correcting entries.

PivotNexus Expense

QuickBooks to Concur




Concur to QuickBooks


Out of Pocket
Credit Card Transactions
Items & GL Expenses
Receipt Image Links
Employee Reimbursements

PivotNexus Invoice

QuickBooks to Concur


Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Receipts


Concur to QuickBooks


Invoice Bills
Items & GL Expenses
Invoice Image Links
Vendor Payments

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