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Get SAP Concur and QuickBooks Talking ... Directly

Integrate QuickBooks with Concur Expense and Concur Invoice Every Time!

SAP Concur & Pivot Payables … Together We Got This

The QuickBooks connectors offered by SAP Concur and Pivot Payables ensure every customer can directly integrate their Concur Expense and Concur Invoice data with QuickBooks. Take a look through the features listed on this page and see how they match up to your business requirements.

How you use QuickBooks will determine the best connector for your company.

See anything you can’t live without?
If so, PivotNexus is the QuickBooks connector
that best supports your needs.

Nothing here on your wish list? 
The Concur Connector for QuickBooks is the best fit.
Give your SAP Concur rep a shout!


What’s Your QuickBooks Snap Shot?

Company Files
Do you have more than one company file in QuickBooks?
The PivotNexus connector supports an unlimited number of company files, automating the transfer of Concur Expense and Concur Invoice data into QuickBooks.

Right Networks?
Do you have multiple company files in QuickBooks and use Right Networks?
If Right Networks is your hosting service and you have more than one QuickBooks company file then PivotNexus is the connector you’ll need.

More than 9 Sub-Accounts
Do you use sub-accounts to track data such as Event, Location, or Department for Expense Types?
If so, do you require more than nine sub-accounts?

SAP Concur Bill Payment?
Planning on having SAP Concur reimburse your employees or vendors?
If so, PivotNexus posts those bill payments into QuickBooks.  

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Direct & Indirect Costs
Do you track costs such as materials/direct vs cost of doing business like utilities/indirect separately?
This type of cost tracking requires PivotNexus.


QuickBooks Account Types
Do you use only Expense and Cost of Goods Sold?
Or, do you use others such as Asset Accounts?


Purchase Orders
Planning on Purchase Orders and Purchase Order Receipts?
You’ll need the PivotNexus connector to automate the data integration between QuickBooks and SAP Concur Solutions.

Items in QuickBooks
Do you use the Items tab in QuickBooks?
You’ll need the PivotNexus connector to post the line items to that tab.

Need Customized Bill Data?


1. Bill Date
The Bill Date in QuickBooks is stamped with the date of your final approval in Concur Expense or Concur Invoice. Do you instead need a customized Bill Date such as “Today” or other?


2. Reference Number
Concur Expense and Concur Invoice automatically assigns a unique identifier to each report which is used as the QuickBooks Reference Number.  Do you need a customized Reference Number?


 3. Header Memo Field
Do you enter a combination of data into the Header Field for reporting? This field can contain multiple values from Concur Expense such as the expense report name and date range of the trip or Concur Invoice such as the name of the employee who submitted the invoice. 

Western Regional Sales Meeting
Western Regional Sales Meeting + 6/4/2019 – 6/8/2019

4. Detail Memo Field
The Expense Type in Concur Expense and Concur Invoice are used as the line item Detail Memo field. Would you like additional information about the expense  or purchase included such as description?

Airfare + Corporate Retreat

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