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Pivot Payables delivers apps that increase the value of customer investments in business processes and systems, particularly related to spend and payment management for expense, invoice, and travel.

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Need to Maximize
Card Program Value?

PivotEQ helps financial executives get the most value from their commercial card programs.

How about automatic reconciliation between the card statement and expense reports to start?

PivotEQ compares statements to expense reports, reminds cardholders to submit reports, and creates the accounting. 

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Do You Invoice
for Project Expenses?

Invoicing your clients for expenses incurred on behalf of their project is critical to the profitability of your business.

Missed expenses and allocation errors affect your bottom line and block accurate profit modeling and forecasting.

PivotPrime has project expense management covered – from spend to client billing.

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Need to Integrate
Accounting Systems?

PivotNexus is a Cloud application delivered as a SaaS model that integrates SAP Concur to a wide variety of ERP/Accounting applications.

Integrations are configured with best practices in mind for your specific ERP/Accounting application.

PivotNexus supports a variety of ERP/Accounting applications to fully leverage your Concur spend data.

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Pivot Payables delivers apps that increase the value of customer investments in business critical processes and systems for spend and payment management related to expense, invoice, and travel. Our solutions connect independent systems to automate and improve workflow – increasing efficiencies and giving greater visibility to critical data, while also enabling leadership with better management and decision-making tools.


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