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PivotEQ | Maximize Commercial Card Program Value

PivotEQ helps Concur Expense customers manage the accounting associated with company paid cards


PivotEQ helps financial executives improve productivity and reduce costs by eliminating manual back-office processes.

“PivotEQ is the most time saving change we’ve made in finance!”

Carolyn Conroy

Finance Manger, Vantage Partners

“PivotEQ is a fantastic program. Reconciliation would take days and days without it!

Lisa Brown

Finance Manger, Economic Development Winnipeg


Hair On Fire with Credit Card Reconciliation?

PivotEQ Douses the Flames!


Smart Accounting™

Performs Reconciliation | Creates Accounting Entries

1   Compares Purchases on Credit Card Statement to Expense Reports.  Automatically. 

2   Notifies Employees with Outstanding Card Purchases. Automatically. 

3   Continues Comparison of Purchases as Expenses Reports Arrive.  Automatically. 

4   Determines the Correct Accounts for Accrued Expenses.  Automatically. 

5   Creates Accounting Entries & Correcting Entries.  Click a Button. 

6   See You Next Month!  :  )






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